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So now Malta Favorite Destinations Travellers

Malta Favorite Destinations Travellers

IF travelers are still confused determine travel destinations for summer holidays, island Malta could be one alternative. The Maltese Islands, or better known as Malta, has a very unique travel combination. Many interesting things travelers can find on the southern island of continental Europe, such as the beautiful sunsets, crystal clear sea water, which is unique to the culinary culture delicious.

There are at least three reasons why Malta became a favorite destination for travelers during summer vacation :

1. The weather is consistent not only during the summer season
One of the many reasons why many travelers choose to holiday abroad is the weather factor. The weather in Malta can be practically very consistent, travelers can enjoy the warm sunshine throughout the year. In fact, when the winter was the weather in Malta only reaches 16 degrees Celsius, so they are ideal for enjoying the beach atmosphere.

2. Short stay, long stay – can travelers do keduannya
Malta is ideal for travelers who want a short vacation or a long stay, even more flights to the island is easy. If the main purpose travelers to refresh the minds of urban life penatnya, Malta presents a variety of historic buildings as an antidote to stress. In addition, travelers can spend as long as 48 hours to bask in the third island of Malta with beautiful beaches. Continue reading

Rinjani Defined by UNESCO World Geopark

Rinjani Defined by UNESCO World Geopark

Tourism Indonesia back proud, Rinjani will be a World Geopark. Because the Rinjani will be established in September 2016. Before entering into UNESCO, of course it continues to coordinate perform Rinjani readiness for the sake of making a World Geopark.

Experts continue to be needed to check the geological conditions, accessibility and readiness of the Rinjani area. Before reaching the peak to be introduced into the world Geopark, then Rinjani continue to be evaluated every two years.

When already a World Geopark is likely to be replaced because every 4 years will be checked or evaluation by UNESCO and this is what we avoid.

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How To Get Around Central Park

Central Park is one of New York’s most visited tourist attractions. One can get treated to wonderful attractions and splurge in a lot of leisurely activities.

Horse And Carriage Tours

Do you want to take a ride on horse and enjoy the pleasant view? There are provisions for horse and carriage tours for the purpose of sight seeing. Want to add a special touch to some of the important events of your life? There are customized tours for weddings, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and some other special occasions. One can also glorify the event with photos, cakes, flowers and a lot more. This is a wonderful method to discover the beauty of Central Park.

Bike Rentals

The scenic beauty of the New York City can be enjoyed with the help of bike rentals in Central Park. There are special bikes meant for men, women and youngsters. There are also options for tandem bike rentals, baby seats and baby trailers. The beauty of various attractions like Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Alice in Wonderland, Bethesda Terrace, Balto Statue, the Conservatory Gardens and the Lake can be experienced the best when one pedals through them. There is also a provision of guided bike tours when a licensed bike expert is there to guide you. Taking the help of a bike rental is ideal for discovering the beauty of many places like Gapstow Bridge, Conservatory Garden, Loeb Boathouse, Shakespeare Garden and a lot more. One can also pedal around the places where many famous movies were shot. The types of bikes available are also many as there are leisure bikes, comfort bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and a lot more. To the happiness of the bikers, they will get a helmet, a basket, a lock and a map absolutely free.


If you love walking, then also Central Park will not disappoint you. A walking expedition will also unravel in front of you, many stories about Central park and its landmarks. You can visit the park’s most beautiful places and sights and enjoy the wonderful sights besides choosing the places for calm and serene Yoga session. There is also a special Hidden secrets Tour which allows finding out the hidden treasure amidst nature. The Photo Walking Tour is held for those people who want to frame one of the world’s best Manhattan skyline and other attractions.

Pedicab Tours

If you do not want to take in much physical effort and yet want to enjoy visiting Central Park and its attractions, pedicab tour is a must for you. Places like Balto, Bandshell, Dakota, Essex House, Victorian Gardens, Sheep Meadow, Belvedere castle, Delacorte Theater, Turtle Pond and a lot more will welcome you with open arms.

Other than sight seeing and enjoying the bounty of nature, there are many other activities which one can involve in. There are activities arranged for the whole year as well as season specific activities. Throughout the year, one can enjoy biking rental, walking, horse rides and tour on pedicabs. Other than these there are concerts, a visit to the cherry orchards, film festivals and yoga classes during the spring and the summer. While during winter one can enjoy ice skating and Holiday Sights Walking Tour.

Enjoyed Pahawang Island


Pahawang Island is an island located in the District Punduh Padada, Pasawaran district, South Lampung. The island is divided into two Island Pahawang Bigand IslandSmall Pahawang. Island Pahawang save a lot of beauty. Beautiful scenery, hills of green trees, white sand beaches, crystal clear sea water and fresh you can enjoy on the island. It is suitable for those who like snokeling. Even in Island Small Pahawang there is a natural bridge called Tanjung Disconnect. Tanjung Disconnect Disconnect connects the island to the island of Cape Small Pahawang. Tanjung End can only be seen during low tide because when the water tide, this natural bridge will be under water. Disconnect the Cape region is also one of the favorite dive spot for the visitors.


Small Pahawang island can be reached approximately ten minutes from Island Pahawang Big. Most visitors stay at Pahawang Big Island because the island most of the locals live. We recommend that you bring food and drinks when going to the island for lunch during the trip. From downtown Bandar Lampung, you can head to the beach in the district Klara Pesawaran first. The beach is a crossing point into Pahawang Island. The travel time from downtown Bandar Lampung to Klara Beach about 70 to 90 minute ride.

From here you can hire a boat to cross to the island Pahawang costs around $50 day (including the driver). The boat can accommodate about fifteen people. When you rent a boat, you can also rent snorkeling equipment at a cost of around $50 per person. Travel time to get to a location about a 90 minute drive.

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Mistakes In Doing Packing Before Vacation

Mistakes In Doing Packing Before Vacation

Vacationing so intriguing way to refresh the mind.All changed when packing, because many mistakes in doing the packing. No need to carry a lot of stuff because travelers can vacation in a nightcourse. There are several ways you can do to make a simple holiday in a short time. From determining the exact holiday destination to set up the luggage.

Here are tips on packing for a holiday one night as follows :

  • Determine the desired destinations
    Determine the intended destination, allowing travelers to bring equipment required.For instance at the destination is cold, what is needed is warmclothing, not the other items that make your bags are full.
  • Bring a small bag
    Vacation in a short period of time does not have to carry lots of stuff.Enough with the smallbag, then fill with luggage needed. No need to bring a change of clothes in large quantities.
  • item entertainment
    Nothing wrong with the fill short holiday mainstay gadgets.Bring a number of items that can entertain, such as books, mp3player, game console, and so forth.

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Getting started for North Vietnam traveling

North vietnam travel

Internet offers possibility for anyone to get and learn information about anything they are interested for. It allows people to access any information they probably have problems to achieve locally.And if you are one of those who love to travel, chances are you will get more than enough good resources where you can learn many things about your next destination.Equipping ourselves with enough information about the local cultures and custom is essential to make it easier for us to blend with the locals as well as to avoid awkward situations that could possibly purely cause by cultural differences.

And for anyone interested to visit North Vietnam, the best place they can go for complete information related to the destination will be people can learn about how to get there, hotel availability, local customs, attractions available in the area, and even recommendations to various exciting activities travelers can enjoy while staying at North Vietnam. In fact, they have also plenty options of North Vietnam Tour can be selected and purchased easily from the website.The teams are always available 24/7 to accommodate everyone’s need from all around the world, especially those who interested to visit North Vietnam soon.

And if North Vietnam Tour is not enough to satisfy your adventurous soul, you’re welcomed to also check their Northwest Vietnam Tour which is designed with more adventures and excitements awaiting in every corner of the road. Also, by checking the website regularly, one will have opportunity of finding better deals on these tour packages.For anyone who never visited Vietnam before, it is highly suggested for them to visit for complete guidance to exciting Vietnam tourism especially the ones they can enjoy at the northern part of the country. Give the site a try and enjoy amazing offer the company might provide inside.

Important Before Vacationing Plan

Important Before Vacationing Plan

Before starting the journey, some important things to be well-prepared.These preparations can be goods, money, transportation and so forth. With so your trip will much more exciting and enjoyable. Want to knowwhat? As the following important points must be prepared before starting the journey.

  • Travel plans
    Itinerary or travel plan is essential before starting the journey.Make a plan or a tourist destination to be visited. With so much to savetime, cost and enjoy the holidays.
  • Create a car as comfortable as possible
    When using the car as a mode of transportation, try to make as comfortable as possible.Can add a softpillow or blanket so that it can take the time to sleep or rest along the way.

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Vacations to Afghanistan

Vacations to Afghanistan

There is a thought, a land conflict Afghanistan is well-suited for vacationdestinations. Curious is not it?Afghanistan is a country located in the middle east mainland.

Although known as a country in conflict, but Afghanistan storing various tours were awesome.Toured around there, the scenery was beautiful. One of the cities visited by the time it is the city of Kabul. Kabul that turned out to be a countrytown in the Afghan conflict.

The natural scenery is very beautiful city Kabul.Tourists who come to Kabul will be pampered with the natural landscape in the form of icebergs stoodpretty in the middle of the desert which was amazing.Afghanistan was ‘it’s beautiful country. Particularly the most interesting that the city of Kabul. There was there an iceberg that stand in the middle of the desert. It was absolutely incredible.

Hope can be your reference in a vacation. thanks.

Beauty of Ubud


Ubud is a resort in Gianyar regency, Bali island, Indonesia.
Ubud especially popular among foreign tourists because this location is located between rice fields and forest that lies between the mountain ravines that makes nature so beautiful. In addition Ubud is known for its arts and culture that is growing very rapidly and move forward. Ubud pulse of community life can not be separated from art. Here too there are many art galleries, as well as live music and dance arena held alternately every night in all corners of the village.

Already in the 1930s, Ubud popular among western tourists. At that time a painter of German painter Walter Spies and Dutch; Rudolf Bonnet settle there. They are assisted by Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, of Puri Agung Ubud. Now their work can be seen in the Museum Puri Paintings, Ubud.

Ubud has a very diverse tourist area, from tour to tour tirta wana spread in Ubud area, such as:

Museum  Rudana and Rudana Fine Art Gallery

Museum Rudana
Rudana Museum is a museum of art located in Ubud, Bali, which was founded by Nyoman Rudana, a collector of paintings which also sits as a member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) representing Bali Province 2009 and 2004 period was inaugurated by President Soeharto on December 26, 1995. Museum holds more than 400 paintings and sculptures of artists’ work, both in Bali, Indonesia outside Bali artists and works of foreign artists who make Bali a place to work. Are in a complex, standing Rudana Fine Art Gallery, founded in 1978 and is the forerunner of the founding of Museum Rudana.

Museum Puri Paintings
Is the first art museum, which is managed by the private sector, in Bali. Initiated by Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad as well as foreign artists who lived in Ubud, Rudolf Bonnet. Standing on January 31, 1956 under the auspices of the Foundation Ratna Warta, and officially opened by Minister of Education and Culture, Muhammad Yamin.

This museum can be enjoyed in the development of art in Ubud, whether painting or sculpture. Some works of foreign artists who work in Ubud as: Rudolf Bonnet, Walter Spies, Arie Smit and maestros like I Gusti Nyoman local Lempad, I Gusti Made Deblog, Ida Bagus Made and others. Including works of art at the Pita Maha. Continue reading

Travel Guides to Mount Bromo from Jakarta

Travel Guides to Mount Bromo from Jakarta

Want to see the sunrise the most beautiful? Come to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java. There is a thrill to see the sun slowly emerged from behind the mountain and the cloud was under our eyes. Like a float on the mountain.

From Jakarta to Mount Bromo can be reached in three ways. Through a direct air flight ticket from Jakarta to Surabaya. Almost all the national airline of open lines of Jakarta-Surabaya.

Until there is an option at Juanda Airport Damri bus that took us to the bus terminal Bungurasih Surabaya. Choose a bus or Banyuwangi Jember majors. To the bus conductor, say that you want to go down in Probolinggo.

Until Probolinggo Terminal, you can go up to the department of transportation district Ngadisari village, it will cost about U.S. $ 2.5. But do not be surprised. Transport passengers waited until the village is full, then later he was leaving. So for a long time to wait for the car kind of old colt to go.

Through the railway line, many options for you, ranging from executive class to economy. You can take the train Argo Anggrek executive or non-economic train AC Gaya Baru to Surabaya.

Gubeng from Railway Station, Surabaya, you can ride the Railway Department of the East Pearl Surabaya-Banyuwangi which departs at 09.00 am each day. You buy a ticket to Probolinggo stations only. Probolinggo Station can ride the public transportation to the bus terminal to replace the shuttles Probolinggo village to the district Ngadisari, last town before the Mount Bromo.

If executives want to take a bus directly to Probolinggo, there are several options the executive bus from the Bus Lebakbulus Jakarta majoring in Jember or Banyuwangi. You simply buy a ticket from Jakarta to Probolinggo majors only. Continue reading

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